Wager At 1xBet For All The Latest Markets In 2021

Wager At 1xBet For All The Latest Markets In 2021

One thing that 1xBet has shown us in 2020 is that regardless of what’s happening globally, they will have a market to bet on. Now, as we head into 2021, we look forward to even more of an abundance of opportunities to make money with this leading betting brand.

No event has been left out from various sports to US award seasons, Nobel prizes, and the Olympics. Let’s check out what you can look forward to!

Football Betting Opportunities At 1xBet

The game of football is possibly the most loved game around the world. The global audience for this fast-paced ball game is massive, and 1xBet has them covered. They offer one of the biggest selections of betting markets across the industry and coupled with high odds, it makes them a must-have betting partner.
Whether the UEFA Champions League is your passion or La Liga, you can find something for you here! You can bet on match wins, goals scored, halftime scores, and who will take home the trophy at the end of the tournament.
Let’s not forget to mention the much anticipated Euro 2020, which was moved forward to 2021!

From Grand Slams to Other Tennis Tournaments

With multiple cancellations in 2020, tennis lovers are waiting in anticipation for the 2021 Tennis circuit.
2021 promises to be a tennis fiesta, and 1xBet is backing you all the way. They offer high odds, wide lines, and great promos to tennis fans worldwide, no matter if you are betting on the Australian Open, Laver Cup, Wimbledon, US Open,  or tennis at the Olympics. Place your predictions and win!

Olympics 2021 Is Set To Be A Winning Time at 1xBet

The Olympics in Japan was postponed to 2021, and many athletes and spectators will be highly anticipating its eventual kick-off. 1xBet players will have access to a massive array of wagering options on almost all the disciplines on display during the games.
There is no shortage of betting ability to make big wins at 1xBet, and besides all the various sports to bet on, players can place money on which country they think will ultimately take home the most medals!

Nobel Prize Winners

For those that are not absolute sports fanatics, don’t feel left out! Who do you think has done the best for our planet and deserves recognition? One of the most obvious choices in these times could be the World Health Organization, they have certainly provided generous support to the world at this time, or Greta Thunberg for her steady voice on climate change. Perhaps Joe Biden should receive the ultimate honor for unseating Donald Trump to become US President.
Whatever your thoughts, make a prediction and turn it into cash with a successful bet!

Hollywood At Its Best With The Golden Globes

The 2021 Award season is around the corner, and never before have movies and TV played such a big part in people’s lives. The world-class betting platform 1xBet acknowledges the importance of film and television by offering a great variety of opportunities for its visitors to participate in the event.
The Golden Globes honor actors, directors, writers, etc., for their hard work in keeping the public entertained with a varied offering of great shows. For example, in the TV show category, top titles like  Schitt’s Creek, The Great, What We Do in the Shadows, and Dead to Me appear amongst a host of others!
Mini-Series nominations see popular titles Unorthodox or The Queen’s Gambit. Whatever your favorite has been over this last year, make a prediction at 1xBet, and who knows, you could walk away with some extra money!

The Grammy Awards Offer Big Betting Options

The Grammys are held annually to honor those that bring music to our lives. Let’s be honest; everything is a bit better with music!
The 2021 event will be highlighting big names we all know and new artists to the scene. So if you want to bet on some of your old favorites for album of the year, then you can choose between the likes of Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, and many other megastars!
Song of the year favorites include Beyonce, Billie Eilish, and Roddy Reach. While Doja Cat, Phoebe Bridgers, and Chika are fighting for the top new artist’s prize!

Choose 1xBet As Your 2021 Betting Partner

Make 2021 your most successful yet by choosing a trustworthy, generous partner like 1xBet. It ensures you have access to all the markets at excellent odds, which can be wagered on with many great bonuses and promotions. You will be set for a great year with 1xBet.


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