Osoba: How Daniel, Amosun Traumatised Me For 16 Years

Former Governor of Ogun State, Segun Osoba, on Tuesday, described the first 16 years after he left office as governor of the state as traumatic.

Osoba narrated that his successors, Gbenga Daniel, and Senator Ibikunle Amosun, made the state “hell” for him after leaving office in 2003.

The former governor spoke at the commissioning of a press centre built in the premises of the Governor’s Office in Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, and named after him.

Narrating his experience immediately after he handed over to Daniel in 2003, Osoba said, he was declared persona non grata by the administration of Daniel, which he said prevented him from entering the state after his tenure.

Osoba said, “When I left office, I was so harassed to the point that all the plaques and the symbols of all the projects I did were the first to be removed throughout the state.

“The first 16 years of my leaving this office have been very, very traumatic. I never came back, I became a snake that doesn’t go back to where it has turned over its skin. This premises (Governor’s office) became a no-go area for me. To imagine that in my life, my return to this premises will be this glorious is something of emotion.

“The first eight years, I was virtually declared persona non grata in Ogun State, well, that is settled, those involved have come to apologise.

“My name was sent to EFCC so many times. The EFCC investigated, because everything was documented in files, they found nothing.

“I couldn’t come to Abeokuta not to talk of visiting the office of the Governor. The other eight years, that one, also became problematic.”

Osoba however expressed his joy for coming back to the Oke-Mosan Governor’s office after 16 years of leaving office.

He said, “Mr Governor, you will not know how many hours you have added to my life with this action today. It may be hours, weeks, days, or years, but you have added something very great to my life today.”

The governor however lauded the former governor for his contributions to the development of the state and the country.

Source:- Punch Ng


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  1. The severity of perpetual display of wickedness, ignorance, and utter disregard for humanity in our country is comprehensively appalling. I am not a supporter of Baba Osoba, myopic Gbenga Daniels or insanely egocentric Ibikunle Amosun, for the sake of sanity & humanity we should not continue to eulogize and singing their praises to high heaven. Now that we’re beginning to learn more about the insane feuds between these so-called delutional governors, we should start treating them with maximum contempt and disrespect.
    After 16 years of governance by Daniels and Amosun where is Ogun State today?…Still backward and inward looking yet they wear their flowing agbada as if they’re more important than the State, what a shambolic shame. As the Sun shines in the day and the Moon reigns supreme at night, their names shall be remembered in Vain Shalom!

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