NoonieVsEverybody Continues His Winning Streak With “Proud Of You” Single

NoonieVsEverybody describes his loyalty in new single.

NoonieVsEverybody made his debut last month when he dropped his song “Loyalty.” Since then, the Cleveland artist has been coming back to back with releases. He’s continued to elevate his sound which can be described as R&B rap. His beats tend to be melodic and bass-thumping, while his rhymes are filled with pain.In his most recent single, “Proud of You,” he speaks on his character amongst many other things. Detailing how he’ll ride for any of his homies, he delivers a clear message of what loyalty means to him. His love for his family is also displayed in the track when he mentions his late brother and details making his mother proud.

A music video dropped to accompany the single. It features a cypher-like scenario with NoonisVsEverbydoy surrounded by his friends as he delivers his bars. In the end, a special someone runs into the video as well after he wraps up.

Quotable Lyrics

I had to tell my lil brother, like change your crowd

Them n*ggas ain’t sliding for you

Now he in the grave yard covered in dirt

Hella times I cried for you


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