Mahalia Doesn’t Play By The Rules On “Whatever Simons Says”

Mahalia declares her independence on the song “Whatever Simons Says.”

R&B singer Mahalia has been delivering some pretty incredible tracks over the past few years, and with each new track, fans fall deeper in love with her voice and songwriting abilities. Recently, the artist blessed her fanbase with a brand new track called “Whatever Simons Says,” and it contains a pretty important message.As Mahalia explains in the song, she is not the type of girl to change herself based on the preferences of a man. If he likes women in a black dress, she is going to wear red, because she wants to maintain a sense of self. Mahalia sings the song beautifully, and overall, it is yet another solid effort from the r&b songstress.Let us know what you think of the track, in the comments down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Whatever, whatever am I gonna do with you

If you likе a girl that does what she supposed to do and I don’t?

Whatеver, whatever am I gonna do with you?

I’m not that kind of girl

If you like her, could you like me too?


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