Lira marks 3months since she had stroke


Lira is grateful as she marks 3months since she was diagnosed with stroke.

In April, the singer announced that she is suffering from a stroke while in Germany.

The South African star traveled to Germany to perform at a show but suffered a stroke before leaving.

The family shared a statement on her official social media accounts, about her health condition.

Well, Lira has made it known that she is recovering and also marking 3months since she had it.

She said she has made progress and she is proud of herself.

Lira also shared that she can talk, read and write now but she needs little time and patience.

She wrote: “#LetThereBeLight. Yesterday marked 3 months since I had a stroke. I’ve made such awesome progress- I’m proud of myself and I give thanks to God. Your prayers have been massively appreciated. I can talk now, although I need a little patience. I can read and I can write. So much love for me, makes me emotional. I am doing so well! With much love!”

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