Lamiez Holworthy rocks new hair – “Keep this look please”


Lamiez Holworthy has debuted a new look and many of her fans are loving it.

The star is known for her signature look which consists of her unique short hairstyles, and her funky, smart-casual fashion sense that sets her apart from the rest.

Lamiez wowed so many after she was seen wearing a straight weave for her photoshoots to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

Well, it seems her fans are loving this new look as some could not even recognize her.

In her post on her Insta-stories, she reposted one of her fans’ post who is begging her to keep the look but Lamiez made it clear that her new look people are gushing over is gone already.

The fans said: “Keep this look please”; Lamiez responded: “Nope, It’s gone already”

See post below:

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