K. Michelle Claims Her Team Wouldn’t Let Her Visit O Block

The singer was in Chicago rehearing & joked that she had a “full debate about my street cred.”

Chicago’s O Block has gained global popularity thanks to artists like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, and King Von, but the reality of the neighborhood isn’t glamorous. Violence and gang activity has plagued the city’s South Side area, but because it is often mentioned in songs and social media posts, O Block is becoming a tourist destination of sorts.

It isn’t just fans who want to check out the Chicago neighborhood as K. Michelle recently tweeted that she attempted to make her way to O Block but was flat out rejected by her team.

K. Michelle noted that she was rehearsing in the Windy City and wanted to take a quick visit. “I just tried to go to the Oblock, my whole team completely said they refuse to let me go [wide eye emoji][crying laughing emoji],” tweeted the singer. “I mean I literally sat in the car in a full debate about my street Cred.”

Her fans quickly let her know that may not have been a good idea, but she was unmoved. “It’s sad no one would take me to the O [unamused emoji] I’m going one day IDC IDC #oblock.” She was able to laugh at a few jokes sent her way, but her followers advised her her to go early in the morning on a Sunday if she was determined.


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