Fulani Heardsmen Carnage In Nimbo Community In Enugu State

A great tension surrounds the people of Nimbo community as fulani Herdsmen brutally attacks the community. It was reported by a source who communicate with the nation, it was reported that the fulani Herdsmen fully armed with aminations like Bazook, cutlass, AK-47, etc.

It was reported that the ugly incident occurred at Nimbo in Uzouwani local government area in Enugu state. It was reported that the Herdsmen had attacked the community in late hours of afternoon that fateful day, the attack was said to have been planned ahead due to its brutal and bloody results, as 40 person were confirmed dead and many found in an unconscious state. Young women of Nimbo were rapped and beaten to unconsciousness, the report also says that the fulani Herdsmen destroyed properties and burnt houses leaving children left at home by their parents burnt to death and many injured.

The reporter explains more about the ugly incident as the Herdsmen went further by going into the farmlands of the people of Nimbo cummunity, they killed many on their way to the farm, they also cut off some of their body parts leaving most dead bodies unrecognized, they also destroyed their farm produce. It was this this incident that led to the death of Mr Clement Njoku a great farmer of Nimbo community who was said to have gone to the farm with his son Emmanuel Clement who had returned back from Morocco three years ago after he couldn’t make a good life over there. The young man was said to have fought back at the enemies immediately they attacked and killed his father Mr Clement Njoku.

According to the reporter he fought not just to revenge the death of his father but also to save his life from the killer’s who were ready to slaughter him like a goat . In his actions of self defense he killed one of the Herdsmen and immediately he ran home in a narrow way, on getting home he narrated the ugly incident to his mother who advice him to run away from the community knowing fully well that the enemies were already after him.
Emmanuel Clement was reported to have run out of the community to the city of onitsha in Anambra state with the aim of beginning a new phase of life with a different identity, but unfortunately for him the BIAFRA Agitators were under serious attack by the Nigerian army and other military forces in onitsha Anambra state as the present leading government were strictly agaisnt BIAFRA and its Agitators as known to all the citizens of the country.
The report was that Emmanuel Clement went missing after he learnt that the Nigerian government was after him for taking law into his hands by killing one out of many that attacked and killed his father and other villagers. The report says that the Nigerian government has declared Emmanuel Clement wanted as his case will serve as a lesson to other citizens who take laws into their hands rather than reporting such case to the police.

Nimbo has not remained silence after the ugly incident as they pleads to the government to come to their aid as their and properties are been destroyed, they burnt their houses and destroyed their farm produce which is their means of survival the people of Nimbo now live in fear and anguish as well as other BIAFRA land the Southeast as a whole is under terrorism and they seek for the government intervention.


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