Fresh Cookie Lab – Sparking A Revolution

Seyi Ogunleye, a 15year old student in Ondo State, has reached an age where she is naturally curious about the developments in her body but no one will speak to her concerning sexual health and the little awareness she knows we’re gotten from books or friends that may have the wrong information.

Fresh Cookie Lab, a company founded by Ifediba Oluchi Anne, is tackling the supposed stigma attached to sex education. Fresh Cookie Lab caters to women health and was borne out of an innate desire by Oluchi to focus on educating and empowering females, especially teens, on knowing how to take care of their sexual health.

The company has a flagship product fondly called Cookie Vitamins that treats stubborn yeast infections. The product has been used by over 5000 females across the country and has received rave reviews on its effectiveness.

Fresh Cookie Lab will spark discussions on the female sexual health. No female should feel alone when it comes to knowing about their physical, sexual and mental well-being. Fresh Cookie Lab will be a platform where these females can seek help and advice concerning any aspect of their sexuality.

“Sexuality doesn’t have to be repulsive” Oluchi said “It just takes an individual to stand against the barrage of attacks from the oversensitive public and be a beacon to the women & young girls in our society. We should feel at ease when we talk about our sexual health.” Seyi will be better prepared to face the future and will not be a willing prey to those who seek to take advantage of her naivety.



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