Don Q Got The Juice On “Bulletproof” Video

Don Q brings nothing but bars on his latest release, “Bulletproof.”

Don Q remains one of the most proficient lyricists in New York right now. Each time he steps to the mic, he sounds like he’s after blood. This week, he unveiled his latest release, “Bulletproof” where he reminds his adversaries they are the furthest thing from immortal. He brings a Mob boss presence to the record, detailing his top-dog status in the criminal underworld over eerie production.Don Q unveiled his last project, Double Or Nothing in October 2021, nearly three years after the release of his major-label debut, Don Season 2. Perhaps, with the recent string of releases from Don Q’s end, it’s a strong indication that his follow-up to Double Or Nothing will be coming in the near future.Check out Don Q’s new single, “Bulletproof” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Certain opps that gotta go, I ain’t gon’ bring they name up

Paid ’em so much, I wanna kill him and dig his grave up

And piss on his skeleton, kill him and again, then where we bury him

Ask the devil for his soul back, then we send ’em to hell again

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