Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard Likens German Duo To Didier Drogba

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has likened Kai Havertz and Timo Werner to the Blues legendary striker Didier in a bid to defend the Germans from their recent struggles in the Premier League.

Werner has scored just four goals for Chelsea while his compatriot Havertz has scored only one goal and assist.

Lampard has sprung to the defence of his summer signings once again, claiming anyone expecting them to perform to their best straight away ‘aren’t living in the real world’.

He told Sky Sports: “If you think you’re going to go an be consistent this year just because you brought in new players who need to settle, and we still have the young players, playing against tough teams in the Premier League every week then you aren’t living in the real world.

“The real world has kicked us up the backside in the last two or three weeks over a busy period and we have to show we are stronger than that and come through it.”

Lampard explained that some of the top-flight’s best players needed time to find their feet after arriving from a foreign league and insisted that they will reap the rewards from their talents in good time.

“Didier in year one certainly wasn’t producing the numbers he was throughout his career or having the massive impact, he was still very good,”


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