Can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

Cheating is one of the main factors that cause problems in relationships.

And while its true that a marriage or relationship can survive cheating, can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on October 8, 2015, reveals that women and men react differently to infidelity and that Men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity, the opposite is true for women.

Can a relationship survive after someone cheats?

Absolutely, a relationship can survive after someone cheats but only if you make saving your relationship the priority. This involves having difficult conversations but doing the hard work will save your relationship if that’s indeed what you both want.

Do you really love someone if you cheat on them?

Yes, it is possible to love someone and still cheat on them. Cheating is really about love. It’s most commonly about something that’s either missing in your relationship or your life. For example, being unsatisfied with the sex and intimacy in your relationship.

Sadly cheating is very common. A study by the University of Montreal on September 13, 2008, examines the reasons Why People Cheat and highlights that The probability of someone cheating during the course of a relationship varies between 40 and 76 percent.

How do you fix a relationship after cheating?

The best way is to have an open and honest conversation about what caused the cheating in the first place. Finding out what is lacking in your relationship and focusing better on identifying and fulfilling each other’s needs will save your relationship.

If you wish to save your relationship, then you will do the hard work it takes to find each other again.

Tips On How To Rebuild Your Relationship After Cheating.

  • Identify the real problem.
  • Learn how to build trust.
  • Work to improve communication.
  • Identify each other’s needs.
  • Learn to forgive.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Have an open honest conversation.
  • Don’t dwell on the past.
  • Make saving a relationship Priority.
  • Focus on Solutions, not Blame.
  • Respect each other’s healing time.
  • Find closure.
  • Express remorse

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