16, Sep 2022
MIXTAPE: Dj Falcao x Notorious BID – Amapiano Juice (Vol. 2)
Dj Falcao x Notorious BID - Amapiano Juice (Vol. 2)
Dj Falcao x Notorious BID – Amapiano Juice (Vol. 2)

Your girlfriend’s favorite, DJ Falcao teams up once again with pro hypeman, Notorious BID to serve us Volume 2 of the Amapiano Juice Mixtape. This is a follow-up to their previously released Amapiano Juice Mixtape Volume 1 which everyone kept dancing to. Download, Listen, Enjoy and Share!



16, Sep 2022
Licensed DJ – Big Flexa Remix (Time No Dey) Ft. Nii Brown, Zonar & Costa Titch
Licensed DJ - Big Flexa Remix (Time No Dey) Ft. Nii Brown, Zonar & Costa Titch
Licensed DJ – Big Flexa Remix (Time No Dey) Ft. Nii Brown, Zonar & Costa Titch

One of the youngest and most successful Disc Jockey in Nigeria popularly known as LICENSED Dj teamed up with other talented artists (Nii Brown & Zonar) and hopped on the banging jam of the moment “BIG FLEXA”  by Costa Titch.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to the original owner of the song.

Stream, Share and Download.

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DOWNLOAD Licensed DJ – Big Flexa Remix (Time No Dey) Ft. Nii Brown, Zonar & Costa Titch

16, Sep 2022
Leczy – Brace For Takeoff ft. Olatop Ekula
Leczy – Brace For Takeoff ft. Olatop Ekula
LeczyBrace For Takeoff ft. Olatop Ekula

Talented pop star, Leczy is not resting his oars to attain a place of revere in the music scenes as he premieres yet another brand-new single today, which he has christened “Brace For Takeoff” featuring Olatop Ekula on the vocal assist.

Brace For Takeoff” is following closely from Leczy’s most recent release ‘Hustle’ which featured self-acclaimed world president and street pop sensation, Zlatan Ibile. The single enjoyed appreciable reception and opened Leczy up to a whole new opportunity platter such as expanding his fan base, and as well giving him the desired credibility from having a rated superstar grace his record. Leczy is now riding that advantage and has seized the moment to deliver this fresh inspirational tune that will be sure to ignite the zeal of every young and aspiring hustler who’s dared to dream and hopes to attain greatness in their pursuit.

The new single “Brace For Takeoff” is filled with motivational lyrics that are sung in typical street lingo – for easy and quick resonation with the grassroots community – and embellished in his native Yoruba dialect, giving the music its cultural edge. The song’s production is modest with sparse use of instrumentation that allows for Leczy to really shine as his versatility in singing and writing comes together. There is also a choral break from the background vocals that elevate the entire mood of the song into a deeply spiritual moment thereby creating a vibe that listeners will absolutely love and continue to reminisce on.

Just as Leczy has been fueled by his passion, he is using his creative outlet as a tool to trigger the drive of others to success. This new release is however one of many ways he is pushing this narrative while his idea of legacy gradually shapes into form, one music release after another.

Listen to “Brace For Takeoff” and be inspired!

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DOWNLOAD Leczy – Brace For Takeoff ft. Olatop Ekula

15, Sep 2022
Arosino x Slymm – Happiness
Arosino x Slymm - Happiness
Arosino x SlymmHappiness

As the popular saying goes, It’s better late than never as Arosino releases his new single ‘Happiness’ alongside Slymm.

The multi-faceted creative who has built his music brand block by block with impressive singles Sabrina, New Style and Big Man Doingz that made the industry pay attention!
He has used 2022 to properly plan and this new release is the beginning of something incredible from the singer and rapper.
Only Happiness is free, jam this record by Arosino & Slymm and stay blessed
15, Sep 2022
OAP, Akinyemi Cynthia ‘Blacksatino’ Welcomes First Child

On Air Personality, Akinyemi Cynthia Anuoluwapo aka Blacksatino has announced the birth of her first child with her husband on Sunday the 28th of August 2022

The Radio blogger shared the news on her Instagram page on Sunday with a picture of the “Queen Baby Abraham”.

Akinyemi Cynthia has revealed that the delivery of the child came after a short labour with so many long days of contractions

*Blacksatino in the hospital with her newborn.

“Mummy for almost 24 Hours of being your mum @lifeofqueenzoe
I Still Can’t Believe it….

We Did It Baby!!!!!

Still Surreal 😍😍😍😍😍” she wrote.

It’s been from one Gods Faithfulness to another
God blessed me with the Besttttt of Everything
I had the Best 9 months Experience 🥰🥰

Blessed with the Best Husband in the World
Thank you for being super over protective of Baby Z and I

The sleepless nights and the sleeping on the couch just to make us comfortable.. The Special recipes, food from all angles…

Showered with so much Love ❤️

I am so grateful to God for the vision and purpose of our marriage🙏🏾 I thank God for Doing what only HE could have done for us

Allow me to Flood your Timeline because trust your baby girl to have documented every stage 😂

Blacksatino is a Mum 🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽

Blacksatino’s baby.

The Radio blogger and her husband, wed in July 2021 are currently in the United Kingdom where the baby was born

Blacksatino is an on-air personality at the women radio in Nigeria, she stands tall in public relations as she represents brands both locally and internationally

14, Sep 2022
Big Tin – SMiLE
Big Tin - SMiLE
Big TinSMiLE

Big Tin wrote a classic love song for the woman after his heart, and more people have been able to connect easily with the touching lyrics of that tune, “SMiLE” is still streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.

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13, Sep 2022
Selling YDS ONLINE is a win win for I and my Employees – Surayyah Sani Ahmad

Surayyah Sani Ahmad is the former CEO at YDS ONLINE, co-founder of ETHCO GROUP UK, TECH TANK, and the convener of Feed The Needy Charity. The happily married entrepreneur is one of the successful women in the United Kingdom who have been able to successfully set up and run a successful business on international soil.  Her effort and contributions to the tech industry has put her company among major contenders when it comes to tech consulting companies that deplore software and other tech services to organizations. This young and agile CEO has become a body of inspiration to young ladies from humble backgrounds, making them understand why coming from a poor or uneducated background shouldn’t dictate how far they go and succeed in life,  as she also started her journey from an unpleasant childhood of late education and lack of funds to sustain her nor her education while growing up as one of the many Nigerian child. . Years downs the line and Surayyah, a daughter to nomadic Fulanis parents. can boldly address herself as a successful entrepreneur with countless groundbreaking accomplishments.

In her word, my focus, doggedness and high-risk innovation in business made a huge difference in her life saying “My parents are nomadic Fulanis by design, so we hardly stayed in one location. We were always relocating from one state to another. Surayyah, who was born in a northern community in Ibadan, spent most of her life there, then the rest of it in the north, while moving around with her parents. Her education was on and off,  as she was 12 years old and hadn’t gone past primary 1. Her spoken English was poor, couldn’t even speak or understand on a conversational level.

Buttressing how her story turned around, Surayyah Sani stated “At some point in her life,  she had to relocate to Abuja, where she attended Command government primary school, after which, she left to Tudunwada in Zone 4, Abuja, Nigeria. She was really dedicated to studying and was really getting good grades, maybe because she had been delayed for years, so when she finally got the opportunity to get educated, she pounced so hard on it. Then came the Nigerian Turkish International School scholarship competition that involved over 600 students from all over the FCT. Just 3 candidates from the 600 students who wrote the examination were picked, and she was one of them. She rounded off her secondary education at the Nigerian Turkish International School and was hoping to make it into the Turkish University, but that plan didn’t see the light. She opted for ABU Zaria, where she met her husband. He got admission to a university in the UK to further his education, and they both relocated together. On getting to the UK, she also decided to further her education, which led her to apply for jobs so she could pay her school fees and sort some bills.”

On the secret behind her business, she also makes us understand that she had been practicing entrepreneurship since she was a teenager, 16 years old precisely, but in terms of having a structured business, that started that in 2015, when she kickstarted an e-commerce company. But before that, she worked for some companies in the UK; JUST EAT and OCADO UK. Those were the e-commerce companies at the peak of their game at the time.”

Surayyah gained a lot of experience from working for UK based companies; JUST EAT and OCADO UK, thereafter, started her own e-commerce and fulfillment service company YOUR DAILY STORE ONLINE ‘YDS ONLINE’. YDS was an e-commerce company, servicing Nigerians who wanted to buy things abroad. They supplyied wholesalers and retailers from the UK, the United States, Malaysia, Turkey, and Dubai. YDS ONLINE also did fulfillment services. After a few years of more experience, Surayyah Sani’s YDS ONLINE took on Miniso fulfillment, fulfilling all their orders nationwide and within West Africa. Managing Miniso’s entire online process, from the website management, maintenance, delivery to customers, fulfillment nationwide, and sometimes, across Africa, from Niger to Cameroon, Chad, and others. All this happened a few weeks before COVID. She states how tough it was for her and her team, having to open fulfillment centers with all the restrictions on movement across the country.

The brave entrepreneur, Surayyah, started YDS all by herself and grew it into a 30 employees company. Few years down the line, Surayyah Sani Ahmad is selling YDS ONLINE for 7 figures in Dollars,  to a local company that wants to remain private because they are trying to break into the e-commerce market and expand their brick-and-mortar stores across the country and across Africa. They intend to create lots of innovative products across that customer base, one of which is getting software as a service product out of it, as well as maintaining the main YDS products.

YDS ONLINE raised some equity funding of about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in 2020. It was after that raise; it expanded the fulfillment service and took on Miniso. Miniso never had an online store, so she and her team prepared a proposal and took it to Miniso, and were given permission to create their first online store globally.

Surayyah is no doubt making Nigeria proud in the UK as she continues to use her new company, ETHCO GROUP UK, TECH TANKS & TECH TANKS SOLUTION to affect lives positively.

When asked where she sees her brand in the next 5 years, Surayyah says “I see my UK brand at an IPO level. So what I want to do with this is to help communities. I started my charity when I was 17-18. I did that because I went to my communities and saw a lot of people I know who couldn’t feed their children and would come to beg for 200 Naira, which was not up to a dollar to feed their children. That really touched me and made me want to help the needy. And I think at the back of everything I do, even in this business, there is that social responsibility to help communities and ETHCO is filled with the most underprivileged communities in the UK.”

She goes on to state how difficult setting up her first business in the UK was, not having the required skills and tools to get her first project up and running. This led her to many sleepless nights and countless days of learning and testing new tech skills. At some point, she had to go back to school in the UK, solely to learn to programming just so she could get her first company up and running. Surayyah states the main purpose of setting up her company ETHCO, is to help communities of ethnic minorities who come to the UK to establish businesses and haven’t got the technical skills to run their businesses. Leveraging  AI to make business easier. She feels strongly that with the right tools and the right type of platform, these people will be able to adopt technology and they will do that very well.

“So with that passion for helping communities and ensuring that communities strive. For example, a lot of these store owners have missed their children’s school activities for years. I was speaking to one of my children and she told me all her education, her father has missed all her school activities simply because they wake up by 5 am to work and close by 11 pm, every single day, 365 days a year. So families are really suffering as a result of this lack of operational efficiency of ethnic and independent convenience stores, and much more than a business that

Surayyah Sani Ahmad concludes by saying ‘if you are solving a real problem, a real pain point, you are going to get a business out of it anyway. And you are going to get a business that your customers are going to be very passionate about and actually love. And that is what we want EFCO to be.”

11, Sep 2022
VIDEO & AUDIO: X-Anthony – Education System In Africa

X Anthony is excited to share the release of his new video, Education System in Africa. A compelling and penetrating look into the depths of an ailing educational system is provided by the poignant spoken word analysis of a system long overdue for change. The moving video is now available on YouTube.

According to X Anthony, “The fall of a nation isn’t by the hands of civilians trying to make a way forward, but politicians and leaders whose character is that of a coward. Only concerned with themselves, abusing their power, while their educational system slowly sinks under.”

Okparaoka Ifeanyi Anthony, better known by his stage name X Anthony, (Xcash) is a socially conscious artist known for his spoken word poetry. A keen student of the world and its workings, he masterfully assembles a riveting video filled with outstanding visuals, compelling spoken words, and a piercing message designed to raise awareness, highlight flaws, and inspire action to improve and repair the failing system that has held people back for generations.

X Anthony asserts, “Our educational standards won’t rise to the levels it should until politicians’ kids are forced to attend PUBLIC SCHOOLS in our country.” Even our so-called leaders are aware of how poorly they are running the country, which is why they send their kids to (study overseas) nations with real leaders.”

This latest video by X Anthony, with its gripping spoken word poetry and heartfelt soulful delivery, is destined to be an impactful and effective performance that will influence viewers to become change-makers to create the kind of education system that advances rather than limits potential.

The follow-up to his critically acclaimed video, VanityEducation System in Africa, solidifies X Anthony’s position as a poet laureate for his times and country. He approaches a difficult topic with clear-eyed perspectives thanks to his astute observations and profound evaluation. Similarly, his captivating video images combine with his words to create a social statement that elevates to the level of art. Or is art elevated to the level of a social statement? X Anthony leaves that up to the audience to decide.

Education System in Africa, the latest spoken word video by X Anthony is now available on YouTube or for downloads.


Watch the video below:

About X Anthony: Okparaoka Ifeanyi Anthony, “X Anthony,” an African-born spoken word poet, is a socially conscious artist known for his stirring works on a variety of topics ranging from education to materialism. He is best known for his popular videos in which he addresses difficult topics via spoken word and powerful images.

11, Sep 2022
Get familiar with the new riders app VROOM

Vroom was conceived on the road. Born of a desire to answer a need—that catchphrase of all catchphrases—that has always existed: what is hip, accessible, safe, and gets you everywhere, including the last mile.

At Vroom, our goal is to serve. We burn the oil and hit the caffeine to ensure we get you home, to your loved ones, to that interview, and to your fortress of solitude. We are your bat mobile. We are your income stream. We are Vroom, a company driven by a desire to get you from one point to the other in a safe and sustainable manner.

We are relentless and committed to our values, to ensuring everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, has access to affordable and safe rides on the Vroom platform, to earning and retaining the respect and trust of customers, drivers, and communities, and to transforming the transportation eco-system through state-of-the-art technology and job creation.


With in-built features like a panic button and pre-inputted emergency numbers, Vroom gives you the next best thing to you riding in your personal car. Rigorous background checks, high standard for allowed cars, a constant review of policies, and customer service that answers all complaints with empathy and at the speed of light, ensure every end user’s safety is prioritized.


It takes a village. Always. We are a community, a group of people who share similar principles but not always similar perspectives.

However, we all know the importance of having a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and a back to jump on as you celebrate your wins. We are open, we are empathetic, and we care. We always will walk with you and be part of your milestones.


From the hustle in Lagos to the bustle of New York, urban cities are getting crowded by the day. The flashing lights of passing cars are not abating any time soon. At Vroom, we are giving you the choice of transportation just at the touch of a button. Sit back as you are driven to your destination or track the delivery of your items.


The future really is already here. Tomorrow is today as we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve. This includes ensuring a space for everyone’s growth, both riders and drivers.

With a young and forward-thinking team, we would continue to create innovative ways to make your movement from place to place a seamless, safe, and affordable venture.

The vroom app connects you to safe, affordable and convenient rides in minutes across Lagos.
Simply open the app, add a destination and enjoy the ride.
Get started by visiting www.vroomng.com
Vroom the exciting way to rideshare!
10, Sep 2022
Minister Luchiii – Okaka

The Nigerian Gospel songwriter and singer, Minister-Luchiii returns with a new sound titled “Okaka.” The song is a confession of God’s majesty, and she presented Him to the world with eulogies that affirm His greatness.

This new sound, according to her, was poured by God, “Some days ago that felt regular, God showed me how unusual my life is. In trying to interpret my feelings, He further clarifies them with insights into His greatness in my life and on earth. “Oh, God! You are indeed great. “Greater than all the gods.” I began to muse.

Then my musing began to form into tunes
These tunes into words, and words into sound, Sound into Okaka song And “Okaka” into my favorite worship song.

10, Sep 2022
Baptista – Ginger
Baptista - Ginger

Baptistaonmic has unlocked ‘Ginger‘ – the lead single track lifted from the songbird’s – yet to be titled – incoming new album.

While there is no official release date announced for the project yet, Baptista is, however, building momentum around it with a new release.

The newest comes via The Orbs-produced track ‘Ginger’ – an amapiano-inspired Afrobeats song set to usher us into the season of dancing and thanksgiving.

“The song acknowledges the word of God as our confidence. It’s a song for those grateful for how the word of God stirs them up to face challenges and eventually makes them a victor; this puts joy into our hearts to praise God every hour, every day and every time of our lives.” – Baptista.
Listen to the tasty tune below:
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9, Sep 2022
AVO ft. Major D – Vibes (Geng Geng)

Gifted Nigerian Afro swing artiste and songwriter, AVO enters the music scene with a wonderful song captioned “Vibes.”

In this amazing track, he included the vocal abilities of a talented Nigerian Grime artiste and songwriter Major D.
The song is a calm and enjoyable tune with pure vibes just like the title says.


DOWNLOAD AVO ft. Major D – Vibes (Geng Geng)

6, Sep 2022
Quickteller Engages Customers Through Dubai Promo


The third edition of the acclaimed biggest musical festival export from Africa, the Interswitch One Africa Music Fest, is back and even bigger. Like last year, Quickteller, a leading consumer digital payments platform, powered by Interswitch, will be sponsoring some lucky individuals to grace the event holding in Dubai.

As a consistent headline sponsor of the music fest, Quickteller will be sponsoring 20 lucky winners on an all-expense-paid trip to the city of Dubai for the event scheduled to hold in December.

These lucky winners will be vibing to live tunes delivered by some of Africa’s biggest artistes. Also sharing the stage with these acts are top international stars from across the globe, as well as the finalists of the Quickteller Barz and Notes Talent Hunt.

To give Nigerians access to this event which is the rave of the ember season, Quickteller has initiated a promo that started in August and will run through September and October. All you need to do is perform more than three transactions on the Quickteller app.

The lucky winners will be selected via a transparent raffle draw where the 20 winners will emerge. The draw will be conducted at the end of each month from August to October and Nigerians are encouraged to take advantage of this reward program to enjoy the thrilling performances slated to hold in Dubai.


Quickteller, a payment platform that provides convenient and seamless payment, has consistently headlined the Interswitch One Africa Music Fest for the past three years, as it aligns with the brand’s goal of satisfying not only the payments need of Nigerians but addressing their passion points.

Through the Interswitch One Africa Music Fest, Quickteller has continuously elevated African talents, harnessing the growing popularity of melodies from the continent and sharing these tunes with a wider global audience.

What are you waiting for? Download the Quickteller app today and start transacting to be among the 20 lucky winners. And if you already have the app, do not delay in partaking in this mouthwatering offer.

5, Sep 2022
GLOxTheVillageHeadmaster Episode 20 … Are Wedding Bells Ringing?

It seems that ‘I dos’ are being said in every corner of Oja Village as the Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, enters its 20th episode.

Madam Gbeke, aka ‘Small Radio Oja’ is at it again in this episode. She is armed with the latest information about new and would-be couples in the village and she is ready to share with everyone. She walks in on a heated argument between Mazi Chinedu and Abubakar. Mazi Chinedu had made a poor joke about Abubakar’s family and in the process of apologising, noticed Madam Gbeke in the doorway aptly listening in. What was said between the two men and why did it escalate into an argument so quickly? Perhaps that’s where Madam Gbeke gleaned the information on weddings that have occurred or are about to happen in Oja Village.

The forthcoming trip to Sweden seems to create more chaos than peace in Chief Dagbolu’s household. Chief Dagbolu’s wives have requested a meeting to influence his decision to take Asake along with him on the trip. While Asake relied on the relations she had built with Olayinka’s fiancé, the other wives insisted that the first wife had more rights to go on this trip as she had raised Olayinka. In the midst of this discussion, Olayinka however walked in, apparently in a heated discussion with the said fiancé. Could the outcome of this discussion crush Asake’s hopes of travelling? Can the issue between the couples be resolved in time to favour all parties involved?

In this new episode, Councillor Lakatabu continues to hold Madam Folake responsible for divulging his secret business plans to another party. As a result, he sought out another partner to take over the venture he had planned with Madam Folake. The new development, however, did not sit well with Madam Folake as she confronted Councillor Lakatabu and threatened to expose the entire deal. Whether she succeeds in convincing him of her innocence in spreading the details of the plan or he succumbs to her threats and offers her partnership again, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the dispute between Councillor Kogberegbe and Councillor Lakatabu intensifies. Rumours spreading through Oja Village claim that Councillor Kogberegbe is responsible for withholding the government’s palliative from the people. In a bid to clear his name, he joins forces with the Headmaster and the Police to investigate the situation. The revelations from the investigations prove shocking as all fingers point at Councillor Lakatabu as the responsible party. But could this be true or the handiwork of Councillor Kogberegbe to clear his name and discredit the good works of Councillor Lakatabu? Guess we’ll just have to find out as this new episode unfolds.

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode 20! Be among the first to watch this exciting new episode on NTA from 8 pm – 9 pm on Sundays; AIT on Wednesdays from 9 pm – 10 pm; and WAP TV on Fridays, from 8 pm – 9 pm.

Glo proudly sponsors the Village Headmaster. Catch some of the missed hilarious highlights on Glo’s social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



5, Sep 2022
Shilexy – HighManTing (Boy From Lere) EP
Shilexy - HighManTing (Boy From Lere) EP
Shilexy – HighManTing (Boy From Lere) EP

After his Hit Single “Mami Water” Shilexy delivers a 20mins Masterpiece Project. HighManTing (Boy From Lere) EP featuring DBL, FOLA and Josh Kamba . Shilexy scores an A for every track is Desiring from HighManTing, Test You, Uber to Paris, Boy From Lere!, Kiss & Tell, Olo mi and Mami Water.

Check Out which is your favorite!

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – HighManTing

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Test You [feat Fola & Josh Kamba]

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Uber to Paris [feat. DBL]

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Boy From Lere!

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Kiss & Tell (Playboy Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Óló mì

DOWNLOAD Shilexy – Mami Water [feat. DBL]