8 ways to deal with an unromantic partner

My man isn’t romantic, is one common complaint every South African woman has.

From forgetting anniversaries to never making any occasion special, it’s like mzansi men lack the romantic gene.

That’s where we come in. If you, just like us, have grown up on a diet of Hollywood movies and Mills & Boon novels, we bet romance is a thing you carve.

So if he isn’t already a Romeo, the 8 things will nudge him in the right direction.

1. Print out the rules

It might sound a tad too unromantic, but sometimes spelling out exactly what you want might be a good idea. Give him a general outline and let him plan the details.

2. Do some PDA

Not anything that will make your friends gag (or worse still unfriend you on Facebook), but be sure to show little signs of affection to let him know that romance really is in the small things.

3. Communicate more often

Most men sign off romance as a frivolous, unnecessary relationship side-effect. Let him know how importance it is for you to keep things rosy.

4. Praise the little things

He might not really go all out when it comes to romance, but make sure you appreciate the little steps he takes, It will keep him motivated.

5. Romance with his rules

He might find time spent playing a video game romantic (yeah, we know!!) but before you shelve the idea, give it a try. The fun, playful side to him might just be what you want.

6. Go easy

Yes, you want him to master all the rules, but give him some time, Don’t make this your constant agenda,

7. Make the little things count

Let him know that being romantic doesn’t mean that he has to build you a Taj Mahal. Bringing you tea in the bed, doing the dirty dishes or just making the bed also helps.

8. Be the romantic guy

If he doesn’t get the hint, take things in your hand and be the romantic here you want him to be. Surprise him once in a while, plan some great dates and compliment him occasionally to give him an idea of what you are looking for.

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