7 countries you can’t travel to with your s*x toys

We know they say ‘a little self-help don’t kill nobody’, and you like to get your sex game lit wherever you find yourself.

But, fam, you need to relax and read this if you don’t want to end up in jail in another man’s land… and for what, a toy-assisted nut?

We bet you prefer to spend your vacation time in freaky cuffs and not the prison police type.

So if you like yourself, just leave your sex toys behind if you intend to visit any of these 7 countries.

These days you’ll see South Africans enjoying the sights, sounds and warmth of this country along the Indian ocean, but rest assured that any action going down behind closed doors likely does not include any sex toys.

Mauritius prohibits tourists from bringing sex toys when they come visiting.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are places you’ll see most people flocking to and of course, it’s worth the experience is usually so worth it – world-class cuisine, picturesque deserts, and skyscrapers that’ll leave you breathless and swooning.

But they kinda draw the line at achieving orgasms with sex toys. UAE takes this ban on sex toys so seriously that any tourists caught with a sex toy will bear the brunt of the laws there.

The Maldives… a dream location that so many travelers have had the time of their lives at. Bet people who have been there would love to go back again and again and again.

No matter how many times you visit though, never go there with any sex toys because they fall under “pornographic materials,” which are prohibited according to the Maldives Customs Service website.

With scenic locations, rolling hills and other beautiful wonders of nature, Thailand has increasingly become a location finding its way onto the bucket list of many tourists.

But be careful not to go with any of your adult toys when travelling there because they will be confiscated and criminal action will be taken against you. Authorities in Thailand list sex toys as obscene goods and are prohibited.

This may not be top of your romantic holiday travel list but it still has to be said that if you ever find yourself going to Saudi Arabia, it’s best to leave your butt plugs, dildos, and other sex toys at home.

If not, they could be confiscated for being ‘illegal pornographic material.’ Whether you will be arrested or not is unclear but you can be sure that if discovered, you won’t be getting any action from those toys ever again.

You cannot go to Vietnam with any sex toys either. In 2011, authorities made buying sex toys or bringing them into the country an illegal act. If you ever feel the need to go to Vietnam, keep your adult toys at home.

First off, what are you looking for in Kuwait as a South African? Anyway, we can’t tell you where to go or not.

If you ever find yourself packing for a trip to Kuwait, please resist the urge to include any of your sex toys. Kuwait is an Islamic country that prohibits the import/export of sex toys.

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