7 breathtaking black sand beaches in the world

Black sand beaches often intrigue travelers with their beauty and mystery.

They form over time by the erosion of volcanic minerals and lava fragments combined with the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide.

Black sand beaches are usually both inspiring and picturesque. Here are some beaches with black sand across the world:

1. Lafayette Beach, Tahiti

Located in Tahiti, Lafayette beach is known for its cool, black base and verdant cliffs. The black sand is so soft, that your feet will sink right in. It is also a phenomenal backdrop for photos. Lafayette beach is a place to lounge the day away with the warm enticing waters.

2. Karekare Beach, New Zealand

Karekare beach is a jet-black beach located in Waitakere Rangers Regional Park, a wilderness area on the West coast of New Zealand. It is a remote beach known for its powerful surf and strong riptides. The black sand on the beach sparkles in the sun, while on overcast days, the volcanic base gives off an eerie, otherworldly glow. It is a good spot for surfers due to the epic and strong waves, however, swimming isn’t safe there.

3. Kahena Beach, Hawaii

Kahena beach was formed by the lava that flowed down the sea cliffs and into the ocean from the Kilauea volcano in 1955. It is located on the East coast of the Big Island in Hawaii and the locals call it Dolphin beach because spinner dolphins are often spotted along the coast. There are ironwood trees and coconut palms along the narrow shore that provide shade for sunbathers.

4. Lovina Beach, Indonesia

Situated in Bali, Lovina beach is a true gem that’s totally worth exploring. This 12-kilometre stretch of black and grey volcanic sand is both wide and vast. Snorkeling and diving are popular pastimes at Lovina beach with all of the incredible marine and underwater life. The waves at Lovina beach are not so strong which makes swimming fun.

5. Blacksand Beach, California

Located within San Francisco’s Golden Gate Recreation Area, the dark sand of this beach was formed from iron minerals that surround the 20 miles long coastline. The coastline’s picturesque setting and rugged beauty set against the rocky black beaches are best observed from afar. The waters are too dangerous for surfers and swimmers.

6. Panaluu Beach, Hawaii

The exotic dark sand of this beach comes from basalt and lava flooding into the ocean. It is truly a sight worth seeing and totally breathtaking with the backdrop of flowing turquoise water against the shiny coal-black base. The sand can be a bit rocky and the current is quite strong.

7. Diamond beach, Iceland

Diamond beach is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the world. It is amazing and will make you feel in a magical world. The ice shaped uniquely makes the beach look like there are diamonds all around. While some ice melts, new ones are forming every time and the place never looks the same, thanks to the natural phenomenon.

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