6 ways to tell if someone is lying about cheating

Most relationships involve conflict from time-to-time, but perhaps the biggest blow to a relationship is cheating and what makes it even worse is being lied to by someone you love.

Unfortunately, when someone is cheating, it is not likely that they will be honest about this behavior.

If you suspect that your partner is engaging in lying behavior, there are ways how to tell if someone is lying about cheating.

1. Changes in behavior

One way how to tell if someone is lying about cheating is to look for changes in behavior. If your partner suddenly begins changing their habits but denies when confronted, there is a chance this is lying behavior.

For instance, your partner may begin eating new foods or start going to a new gym. This could indicate that your partner is picking up on another mate’s preferences or attempting to impress someone new.

2. A busier schedule

Similar to changes in behavior, a schedule that seems busier could be a way of how to tell someone is lying about cheating.

If your partner used to get home from work at 5:30 pm but now is regularly coming home at 7:00 pm with no reasonable explanation, this might be lying behavior.

Someone who lies about cheating may suddenly claim to have more meetings or evening events at work, without any evidence to support this.

3. Lack of communication

A healthy relationship requires regular, open communication between partners. If your partner has suddenly stopped communicating with you, this can be a sign of lying behavior.

Your partner may begin to make plans without informing you, or they may be spending significant amounts of time away from home without checking in with you. Your partner may even begin making important decisions without communicating with you.

4. How your partner speaks

Observe closely to your partner when they speaks is a proven way of how to tell if someone is lying about cheating.

According to a study in Applied Psycholinguisticswhen people tell the truth, they are more likely to use the phrase “um,” which suggests that conversation is flowing naturally and effortlessly.

If your partner’s speech, when asked about cheating, seems forced or rehearsed or appears to require significant effort, it could be that they are engaging in lying behavior.

5. Look for signs of increased thinking

Beyond the fact that conversation may not appear effortless when a person is lying, a person who is lying in marriage/relationship will also appear to be “thinking harder.”

According to the authors of a report in Trends in Cognitive Scienceslying is a mentally taxing task.

This means that if a person is lying when questioned about deceptive behavior, they may become more still or appear to be concentrating while concocting a story.

6. Deflecting and projecting

Finally, deflecting and projecting are lying behaviors that a person may demonstrate if being deceptive about cheating.

If you confront your partner about cheating and they changes the subject, your partner may be attempting to divert attention elsewhere to avoid coming clean.

Also, your partner may instead turn the tables and accuse you of cheating, which is a tactic called projection.

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