5 pieces of relationship advice that can ruin your marriage

As a married couple, both spouses are tasked with making healthy decisions that save their marriage and help it thrive.

But there is often intervention from relatives or friends and co-workers where people seek to offer you advice and tips to get over the rough spells in your marriage.

However, more often than not, well-meaning parties tend to offload awful advice that can ruin the bond between the spouses.

Hence, to treat each other with love and respect, you must be sure to avoid the following pieces of relationship advice.

1. Allow the men to make the first move

When it comes to intimacy in marriage, both individuals are responsible for making their needs known. You cannot wait for your spouse to make the first move and then resent them for not making it often enough. Take charge of your life and give your partner the pleasure of being wooed in return.

2. If they can’t take you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best

One of the most cliché advice given, this ensures that people purposely shove their negative behaviours and toxic traits in their spouse’s face. It would be more prudent to work on bettering yourself so you are a healthy partner in a supportive relationship.

3. Don’t go to sleep angry after a fight

Anger often makes you wound the other person with your words. It would be better to sleep on it till you cool off and tackle the same problem with a fresh perspective when you are not as agitated about the issue.

4. Things heal with time

Many couples are encouraged to push their issues under the rug while being told that time heals every hurt. Be it instances of infidelity or financial abuse; these issues will continue to surface if you refuse to resolve them in a timely manner. It is best to confront the problems head on and solve them.

5. Having kids will save your marriage

Having tensions between a couple is not the best time to introduce a child. For children come with a great deal of duties and responsibilities that couples can best navigate if they are on the same page. Facing your issues head on and having clear communication is the only way to resolve your issues as a couple in a healthy marriage.


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