5 healthy meals your child is likely to enjoy!

There are times when parents forget how important healthy food is for their children.

There are so many unhealthy snacks that appeal to kids and of course, they will choose these foods any day.

It’s not easy convincing kids to eat healthily, you have to literally think outside the box.

The best way is to add an interesting twist to ordinary healthy meals and below are some suggestions worth looking into:

  • Veggie stir-fry

The thing that we love about stir-fry is the beautiful combination of colours. When your food looks vibrant, it makes it more appealing and this is something that your kids might enjoy.

With stir-fry, there isn’t a specific ingredient list because you can come up with so many combos. You can search for classic recipes online and even prepare your own interesting mix when you have a limited number of ingredients in your fridge.

  • Butter bean stew

Isn’t it awesome that we have different bean species to choose from? If your kids are tired of having the ordinary types of beans that we’re used to every day, you could try butter beans this time around.

Since they often have a pale colour, you can make the meal look more appetizing by adding some fresh tomatoes and parsley leaves.

You can even serve this with brown rice once in a while to increase the nutritional content.

  • Baked potato fries

Many of us love those crispy potato fries. When they’re spiced or drizzled with some cheese, they are extra yummy for sure.

Of course, we know that these aren’t the healthiest food option to have often, especially for your kids. But you can find a way to bring in a health boost by simply baking them instead.

This makes a significant difference because you can choose a healthier oil option like extra virgin olive oil and control how much you use. You can even use your own mix of spices and swap these potatoes with sweet potatoes if you like.

  • Fish fillet

Fish fillet would also be another great choice for your kids. It still contains important elements like omega-3 fatty acids and it’s not much of a hassle to eat because they don’t have so many bones.

There are many healthy ways you can prepare this like baking. That is a much better option than fast food chicken and all those other unhealthy snacks, plus, it’s delicious.

  • Hard-boiled eggs

There are many ways you can prepare your eggs but the most common is frying. The issue with this is that you often end up adding more calories because you’re putting in an extra layer of oil which isn’t healthy.

The best option you can go for is good old boiling. To make it more flavorful, you can serve it with a salsa salad and dips which will make them taste a bit better.

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