5 essential spices that should be in everyone’s kitchen

What are the best spices you can use when preparing your meals?

When it comes to meal preparation, one thing that makes your meal taste better are the spices used in preparation.

Basil leaves have a sweet scent and have a lot of health benefits. It is mostly used for pepper soup but can be used to spice up meat and fish.

These are the most common spices in South Africa. Although separate, they are usually bought in pairs. Curry and thyme certainly improve the taste and aroma of most meals.

These are separate spices, but I am pairing them together because they go together.

These spices add the required flavour to stews, vegetables and soups. You cannot make a delicious delicacy without garlic and ginger.

These are staple ingredients part from salt and seasoning cubes that every spices cabinet should contain. What ingredients are in yours?

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