5 clear signs your baby is under stress

A baby will feel uncomfortable and uneasy just like adults when they are stressed but the only problem is they won’t be able to communicate this to you, at least not yet.

As their parent or guardian, you have to learn how to identify behaviour that would indicate stress.

To help you identify possible signs here are five you need to know when they need help ASAP:

  • They are crying more than usual

Before babies can learn how to communicate properly, they use standard responses like crying, smiling and laughing.

When we look at crying particularly, we should be able to differentiate the usual every day crying and the type that would indicate something is up. The direct way of telling is by checking whether they are crying louder than normal or when they are constantly upset.

These two signs will tell you that they are not okay.

  • They are not sleeping properly

The other normal thing that babies should naturally be able to do is sleep. They need to rest for many hours each day and this includes nighttime sleep and naps during the day.

There are those days when they sleep less or more than they usually do and that is normal because every day is different.

However, there might be a problem when they are not able to sleep properly throughout the day and even at night. This might show that even though they are tired, they are still anxious or stressed about something.

  • They are very fussy

For sure, it’s not easy to understand what your baby is feeling especially because some signs aren’t very clear. When we look at fussiness, it’s a natural way that babies can express themselves like when they don’t want a particular toy or when they just want their mom or dad.

The sign you need to be looking for is when they are fussier than usual. It might mean that something is bothering them and you should look into this.

  • They are not feeding well

This is the most direct way of telling that you should be alert especially when it’s combined with fussiness. There is no baby that can willingly ignore hunger cues so when they’re not feeding or eating as they normally would, there is an issue.

  • Their mood has changed

You can also use emotions to know how your baby is feeling. Most babies smile, laugh and play, even the ones that aren’t as social.

If your baby is usually happy but you’ve noticed that they are not smiling or energetic, it’s also a sign that they might be stressed.

Babies aren’t always in a great mood but you can tell that something has changed if their mood isn’t how it normally is.

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