5 African street snacks you need try

Snacking is one habit that people often pick up once in a while.

When heading to work or coming back from work, a myriad of snacks are usually on display at the street corners and being hawked.

In all these movements, snacking finds a way into this conversation. Below are five African snacks to give a true taste of the continent.

1. Biltong

1. Biltong is dried pieces of meat that do not need refrigeration. Other variants of biltong come from animals like ostrich and chicken which are all available and most sought after in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and more.

2. Samosa

Samosas have become the staple small chops to reach out for in every gathering or event in South Africa. They are an envelope of meat or veggies enclosed in light dough. Meanwhile, Africans adopted the Indian samosa to be their own. Samosas are also available in restaurants and streets of countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

3. Plantain chips

Everybody loves chips and plantain chips are one of them. Be it sweet or unripe plantain this crunchy snack is often found eaten by most Africans. It is often suitable for long trips and the perfect snack meal.

4. Chapatis

Chapatis is another flaky snack that is handy for the go. This tasty snack is eaten everywhere in Eastern Africa and is best suited with a cup of tea.

5. Chipsi mayai

Chipsi mayai is a special snack that the people of Tanzania eat. It is a readily available meal found at the street corners and is made from potatoes and eggs while being served with ketchup. This combination can then be mixed with onions, pepper, and other ingredients.

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