4 surprising benefits of listening to music during pregnancy

We often take refuge in our favorite music to de-stress and relax. Good music seems to heal, soothe emotions and uplift our mood.

But, have you ever thought about what impact listening to music during pregnancy can have on the growing baby?

Scientists have been working to understand how music can affect a developing fetus but have yet to reach a definite conclusion.

However, your favorite music can always lift your mood and brighten you up, and you never know your baby inside may be enjoying it too.

This post will tell you more about the positive effects music may have on the baby growing in your womb.

Music and your pregnancy: Is there a connect?

While your baby is in your womb, there is a lot that is going on inside to support its overall growth and developmental process. All the experiences that your unborn baby will go through now will shape its future in the outside world.

What are the benefits of listening to music during pregnancy?

While you are pregnant, listening to music will not only have a soothing and uplifting effect on you but also a positive influence on your unborn baby. The positive vibes that you get from listening to music will create a prenatal stimulation that will help you to bond with your unborn baby. It will enable you to lower your stress and anxiety levels and also reduce any stress that your unborn baby may feel in the womb.

1. Will improve your unborn baby’s reflexes

When you are listening to music while pregnant, your unborn baby will be able to hear the vibrations and will start reacting to the same. Your baby may also try to move in sync with the beats of the vibration. This may improve your unborn baby’s reflexes and reactions, and also its overall movement.

2. Will improve your unborn baby’s auditory senses

As you listen to music with headphones, it will significantly enhance your unborn baby’s concentration, auditory senses, and skills. Your unborn baby may not be able to understand music at this stage, and what reach your baby are most likely the vibrations from sound waves. However, the baby will still try to concentrate on sounds, and doing so will better its mental stimulation.

3. Will act as a soothing lullaby after birth

Many researchers believe that your unborn baby will be able to remember the music and the sounds that you listened to while you were pregnant. If you listen to certain soothing songs while you are pregnant, it is highly likely that your baby will remember them even after birth. It means that you can use the same music to sooth your little one after it is born. Your baby will be able to recognize the sounds and it will help to relax and calm your baby instantly.

4. Will shape your baby’s overall personality

The type of music you listen to while you are pregnant can have an effect on the baby’s overall personality. If you listen to soothing sounds and soft music, your baby could develop a calm personality. On the other hand, if you listen to music that is loud and jarring, it could lead to an aggressive and anxious personality of your baby. However, there are no medical studies or research to back the same as experts are still working on the same.

How can you make sure that your unborn baby is listening to music?

Even though you may play a lot of music while you are pregnant, your unborn baby will not be able to listen to it the same way as you do. If you want to be certain that your baby hears the music from inside the womb, you can play it on your headphones and place the same on your belly.

Don’t play the music too loud just to ensure that your unborn baby can hear. Your placenta can carry the rhythms and beats to your baby even if you are playing something on a low volume.

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