3 tips to safeguard your mental health if you have toxic in-laws

A lot people make the decision to stay with their parents or in-laws and care for them as they grow old.

However, with multiple generations residing in the same home there are bound to be certain conflicts that you cannot get over.

If you have been in a situation where you feel you are at an impasse with your in-laws or that you have experienced certain toxic behaviour from them, then you probably realise that it is affecting your mental health.

So, here are some tips to safeguard your mental health if you reside with toxic in-laws.

  1. Make it a point to vent your feelings by telling your husband

The best way to resolve feelings of bitterness towards your in-laws is just to have an honest conversation with your partner where you are letting him or her know all the ways in which his or her parents have hurt you. It will help you vent your frustration, so that the feelings are not bottled up and the issue does not persist. Most of the times talking it out with your mate will make you feel better and you may not see the need for them to intervene on your behalf.

  1. Have weekly girl’s night out with the ladies

Not all problems need to be discussed at length, and you need not place blame in every situation. Sometimes all you need is an evening out with your girls to refresh your mood and have you feeling sane again. So, ring up your pals and step out of the environment of your home and head out with friends who make you feel better about yourself. Some great food and drink may help ease your mental load.

  1. Set off on weekend trips away with your spouse

If you are residing with your in-laws, you may often find that you do not get alone time with your spouse. In such cases if you have been feeling like your personal space has been infringed on then you can plan weekend getaways with your spouse.

Some time away from your in-laws will have you missing their presence so when you arrive back home, you may both be more pleasant to each other!

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