3 signs you need to change your therapist

Love is an amazing feeling, it’s something every human being should experience. Still, sometimes in our relationship, we hit a rough patch.

In some cases, the rough patch morphs into a big giant pit and we need a therapist to fix us back together. And that’s ok. There’s no shame in that.

Therapists are amazing people. They listen to us and help us get our lives back on track.

But what if your therapist is doing an awful job? What if they’re not qualified to treat you and your partner?

Here are three signs you should look out for;

1) They Insult Your Partner

When you visit a therapist and talk about issues you have with your partner, you’re doing so because you love your partner and you want to make it work.

If your therapist starts to make statements like “your boyfriend is an egotistical maniac” or “your girlfriend is dumb, she doesn’t deserve you”… That’s a red flag.

No therapist should insult your partner, especially when you’re still dating them and even more so, when they’ve not heard their part of the story.

2) They Don’t Listen To You

The whole point of going for therapy is to air out your grievances, feelings and problems – and get solutions.

If your therapist is dismissive of what you say, if they’re dismissive of how you feel, if they act like they’re not interested then you need to get someone else. Get someone else fast.

3) They Make Sexual Advances Towards You

If your therapist dresses inappropriately to meet with you or they touch you in a sexual manner – that’s a big red flag and you should pack your bags and leave. It’s obvious they want to prey on your vulnerability. An ethical therapist would never violate sexual boundaries.

There are several other red flags to look out for but please pay close attention to these. The last thing you need is to add therapy problems to your relationship issues.

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