30, Sep 2021
Connie Ferguson remembers Shona 2 months after his passing

Connie Ferguson remembers her late husband, Shona Ferguson two months after his passing.

On the 30th of July, 2021, hearts were left shattered as the actor and producer was confirmed dead after battling for his life in the hospital for weeks due to COVID complications.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a photo of herself tightly hugged by her husband and revealed that it was a tough day for her.

“Today was a tough day. I needed a big hug from heaven. By His grace I managed to get through work, and I was reminded that His power is made perfect in weakness. Grateful for His love and mercy,” she captioned post.


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30, Sep 2021
Dr Tumi and wife cleared of all fraud charges

Dr Tumi and his wife, Kgaohelo Makweya are free as the charges against them has been dropped.

This is coming after the couple was charged with fraud after they handed themselves over to the Hawks’ office in Johannesburg in April this year.

They were accused of defrauding the National Lotteries Commission of more than R1.5 Million.

According to the statement shared by Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter today, the Specialised Commercial Crimes dropped all the charges against Dr. Tumi and his wife today at the Palm Ridge Commercial Crime Court.
In the statement, Dr. Tumi is quoted saying: “Due to the matter having had been sub judice, we couldn’t comment on it. From the onset, we maintained our innocence because we did nothing wrong.”
Dr. Tumi said they are grateful for the support they have received from their family, friends, colleagues, and the public. “This morning we are vindicated, justice has been served, we have no case to answer to…We are turning back to life and pursuing our passions and look forward to putting this episode behind us. God bless you all. “
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30, Sep 2021
Nadia Nakai teases new music video, “Kreatures”

Nadia Nakai will be dropping her first project after departing Family Tree record label.

Taking to social media, the rapper shared teaser of the music video of her single, Kreatures.

The song featuring Kwesta and Sio is off her 2019 album titled, Nadia Naked.

Bragga says the music video will be out before this week ends.


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Nadia is known to be a hard-worker and focused, as she’s seen working with other hip hop stars in the industry after leaving Cassper Nyovest’s record label.

Speaking of her exit, the two rappers made it known that there was no bad blood between them.

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30, Sep 2021
Kid X tells touching story about the making of 3rd album, “Father of Zen”

Kid X announces that his third studio album, Father of Zen will be finally released at midnight, however, he shares all that he encountered before the making of the project, and how these encounters made a huge impact in his life and music.

Before telling his story, the rapper appreciated every persons who worked together with him in the realization of the master piece.

“I had the privilege of working with some really talented artists who helped craft this latest installment of my musical journey. Each of my collaborators and producers brought their A-game to this body of work and I’m eternally grateful to have had the privilege of co-creating with each and everyone of them. Make sure you follow them on their respective journeys.”

Afterwards, the father of one revealed how his trip to Egypt influenced his thoughts and life.

“Following my 2019 trip to Egypt, I came back with a new wider perspective on life, I felt that I had tapped into a deeper level of myself as never before. With this shift in perspective and realization, I felt a strong urge to pour all this energy into a new project that would detail my journey of evolution.”

“At inception, this project had a different name, I wanted to call it Persian Rug or something crazy like that, all stemming from the concept of the Persian flaw..a couple months later, I had added a couple more tracks and the project had evolved to “I Thank You”..which would have been a closing chapter to my previous LP. Then I experienced God in the most beautiful way through my journey of marriage and becoming a father, and that brought about a new title in my life. No more did I aspire to be crowned King as we rappers often aspire to be, for the first time in my life, I left that I now wore a title more important to me than any other title in the world. FATHER OF ZEN!” he added.

“That realization has brought us to this moment here today, on the eve of the release of my third project, my most important body of work to date. It gives me great pleasure to share this with you. I want to thank everyone single person who had a hand in bringing this to life. This is not only my gift, but our gift to the world.”


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30, Sep 2021
Top 10 richest countries in the world

The world is changing and moving fast day by day and daily new inventions and innovations are developing in the world which is influencing the world and are embracing the world with a number of the things.

So here I am going to discuss those richest countries which are rich all over the world due to their infrastructure and occupation.

These countries fulfill their needs and demands within seconds because of having enough amount to full fill their needs.

Let’s have a look on the richest countries of the world:

1. Qatar

The country which is listed on the 1st number as the riches country is located in Southwest Asia and is the capital of Doha, it covers an area of 11,586 sq km. The country is full of natural resources like oil, natural gas, and fish which full fill the economy of this country. The real GDP of this country is divided into 3 major sectors namely agriculture 0.1%, industry 72.2% and Misc. services 27.7%. These all thing are also categorized in subcategory and are having a number of the sub-categories which are serving in the economy of this country.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country which is European county and is bordered by Germany, Belgium, and France. It covers the total area of about 2,586.4 km2 179th 998 square miles. The country is having business men who have raised the country and made it rich. That’s why the country is ranked on 2nd number.

3. Singapore

The country is located in the island city of south of Malaysia. The country is quite good and richest country and is one the 3rd number in the list. The country is the main business center of the world that’s why it is the richest country in the world.

4. Norway

The country is the capital of OSLO and is one of the 4th richest countries in the world. The economy of a nation depends upon the oil, fish, minerals, hydro powers and farming items also, because of this the country is quite rich.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong city is located in the south-east of China. It’s the global center of farming and business that’s why it is ranked as a 5th richest country in the world.

6. Brunei

Brunei is located on the north cost island of Borneo in South East Asia. The capital of this country is Bandar Seri Begawan. The country is rich because of having natural resources of gas and petroleum and is considered as the richest country in the world.

7. United States of America

The capital of United States of America is Washington D.C. The economy of this country is based on business and strong political system and the export of goods is the main source of income of this country that has made this country highly efficient and richest country.

8. Arab Emirates

The capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi and the country is one of the leading countries and has a source of income oil and petroleum which make the country to full fill all the demands and the country is free from corruption that’s why it is ranked in the richest country in the world.

9. Switzerland

The country is European country which is located in the mountainous areas and the country is financially stable because it has resources of huge investment all over the world on larger scale and the main source of income is banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics and so on that’s why it is ranked as the richest countries in the world.

10. Kuwait

The Arab country Kuwait is located in the Persian Gulf and the capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city and the country is ranked on the 10th number. The income of this country is based on oil resources and foreign exchange rates also.

So this is all about the world’s richest countries and their economic dependence that how they are categorized as top ten countries of the world.

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30, Sep 2021
Busiswa expresses interest in boxing match against Makhadzi

Busiswa seem to be interested in the celebrity boxing match against Makhadzi.

On Wednesday, the Ghanama hitmaker was asked by Cassper on The Braai Show to mention a celebrity she will like to fight in the boxing ring.

Without hesitation, Makhadzi mentioned Busiswa and it went viral on social media, as people reacted to her choice of celebrity.

Busiswa takes to Instagram to share the clip where her name was mentioned on the show and teased fans about the Maskandi singer’s choice.

“I just need someone to DEFINE “a FRIENDLY” for 17 marks below please. Then DESCRIBE its relation to “BOXING MATCH” for a further 13 marks,” Bus said.


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30, Sep 2021
Trevor Noah has donated R8 Million to charity

South African born comedian, Trevor Noah has donated R8 million to a local project on behalf of the Trevor Noah Foundation, and in partnership with YouthBuild South Africa.

Expressing how excited he is about the partnership, he said:

“Today’s kids are told to be the leaders of tomorrow, but they’re not given the tools. I’m excited about this partnership with YouthBuild because we’re creating life-changing opportunities for the South African youth. We all deserve to achieve our fullest potential, no matter where we come from.”

John Valverde, president and CEO of YouthBuild USA, said: “Through nearly 300 programmes around the world, the YouthBuild movement equips young people with the necessary tools for long-term professional and personal success. In South Africa alone, more than 2 500 young adults have been served by YBSA, and this incredible partnership with the Trevor Noah Foundation will help them solidify their training and extend their reach even further.”

The comedian is back to touring cities across the world and he recently revealed the new dates added to the tour list. Check it out in post:


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30, Sep 2021
Kelly Khumalo ordered to refund R30k for no-show

Kelly Khumalo lands in trouble after an event organizer named, Caroline Mosiamo reported that the singer refused to to perform at a show she was booked for.

Caroline who is the founder of the South African Heroines Awards said the singer was paid R30 000 to perform in Bloemfontein in August, but there was no-show from her end, after arriving the event four hours late.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the businesswoman said:

“We booked Kelly for R30 000. On top of that, we had to book a hotel for her, which she went to from the parking lot,” she said.

“I asked her manager if she could perform at our next event to make up for it but he told me Kelly wouldn’t because she spent money to travel to Bloemfontein,” she said.

“He didn’t say why Kelly decided not to perform. That means they are refusing to pay back the money.”

Caroline also revealed payment receipt to the publication’s team.

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30, Sep 2021
Moshe Ndiki calls out Melusi on Gomora

Moshe Ndiki has taken to his social media to attack Melusi.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a video of himself saying he has a message to Melusi on Gomora.

Moshe said “This is a message to Melusi on Gomora,” he said at the beginning of his video. “You annoy me, you rubbish. You rubbish.”

He asked why doesn’t Melusi go to the police station to confess that Gladys has killed Langa.

“Why don’t you also tell them even his son Ntokozo killed my side chick’s husband. Even my side chick killed my wife’s brother. So Melusi is the common denominator in all of this.” He added.

In his post on the gram, Moshe tagged Thembi Seete, Zolisa Xaluva and Lulu Hela.

@gomora_mzansimagic_sa @thembiseete_ always on your side mna Sisi, @zolisaxaluva hate you wena ! @lulu_hela I’m gonna need him to come out with the truth, he is the problem cause Yho common denominator! Haskaaaa.”

Watch video below:


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30, Sep 2021
Mihlali Ndamase suffers from food poisoning

Mihlali Ndamase took to her social media to open up about her food poisoning.

The star revealed that she is very weak and she is so sure that it is food poisoning.

Mihlali did not give much details about the incident but she made it known to her fans that she is not okay.

She said: “I know it’s food poisoning, I’m weak,” she tweeted.

Fans have since taken to the comments section to wish Mihlali a speedy recovery.

A tweep said food poisoning is dangerous, “Please don’t take it lightly, with food poisoning you can die. My colleague’s sister-in-law died due to food poisoning after coming back from a girls’ weekend away with friends.”

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30, Sep 2021
4 ways to make amends with your colleague

Miscommunication, errors, misunderstandings are all a part and parcel of life and that includes your professional life as well.

We all make mistakes and possibly a new one everyday. We can always apologise, say sorry and get on with life but at work, how do you say it or show it?

Here are 5 steps that can help you in making amends with your colleagues.

1. Be sincere

If you are saying sorry it has to look genuine and with sincerity. You have to mean it when you do. We all can tell when the other is not apologetic of his/her actions. You are simply being disrespectful and losing points with your colleague by not doing so. No matter how small or big the damage was.

2. Take the responsibility

If you have messed up a certain situation or something you know deep down you can help rectify then help! You must take up the responsibility to clean your own created mess. Don’t get defensive, that proves you do not have the confidence to own up to your mistakes.

3. Understanding and validating feelings

You are apologising for a reason – you did something wrong and the impact of that action is what the other is feeling. You must validate, acknowledge and understand their position. It could be a situation where you cannot even put yourself in another person’s shoes. Try to communicate and articulate. Admit your wrong deed and how you must have jeopardised a situation for them. This is one big step to making amends.

4. You cannot avoid it

You cannot be not addressing the elephant in the room. You have to someday acknowledge the fact that you did something wrong voluntarily or involuntarily and that it hurt the other! Why avoid a situation when it can be addressed? If you do not share a relationship where you can easily walk up to the other person and say sorry then be a bit candid like “I know this is  little out of place/ awkward but I owe you an apology/ I need to apologise/ I want to say I am sorry”.

5. Solutions

Okay now that you have apologized, try to help them rectify the situation. Think of ways or brainstorm with him/her. But do ask before you get your head into it. You could suggest ways to avoid any such situation again in the future but then make sure it does not happen again.

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30, Sep 2021
Man Utd Turn To Phillips As Rice Alternative (Daily Star)

The Red Devils are keen on adding midfield depth as soon as possible

Manchester United have turned to Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips as an alternative to fellow England international Declan Rice, claims the Daily Star.

Both players featured heavily at Euro 2020, with Phillips entering the spotlight with his group stage performance level, and the Leeds man is seen as the more affordable short-term transfer target.

30, Sep 2021
Exclusive: 2022 WCQ: Rohr’s Invitation Of Players Was Based On Merit -Aikhomogbe

Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Andrew Aikhomogbe says Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr’s invitation of players to prosecute the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Central Africa Republic was based on merit.

Recall that Rohr released the list via the Super Eagles official Instagram account on Thursday with regulars such as William Ekong, Alex Iwobi, Kelechi Iheanacho, Victor Osimhen, Joe Aribo, Leon Balogun, Paul Onuachu, Maduka Okoye and a few others.

Nigeria will host the Central African Republic in a matchday-three fixture at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos, on Thursday, October 7.

The reverse tie will take place three days later in Douala.

Reacting to the list, Aikhomogbe told Completesports from his base in Cairo, Egypt, that the invited players are capable of dismantling CAR.

“I really don’t see anything wrong with the players invited by Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr. Going by their performances in Europe, I think he has invited those players based on merit.

“Without mincing words, I expect these players to get the job done against Central Africa Republic in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on both legs.”

30, Sep 2021
2 Sleeper Teams Poised That Can Surprise With A Deep UCL Run

Year in and year out, the talk around town for football Scores and odds prediction experts when speaking of the UEFA Champions League and its favorite teams to take home the title usually revolves around the same squads. On the one side you have French giants PSG, who after signing Messi, Ramos, and Wijnaldum, all veteran players with ample UCL title winning experience, are hoping for this year to be the season in which they finally come out on top. On the other hand, you have defending champions Chelsea, Manchester City and Bayern Munich, all perennial favorites to win it all given the sheer dominance that they show in every outing. But what about the teams we might not be looking into as much?

The UCL tournament is usually one where favoritism can take a team to only certain extents, and while on paper holding the title of “favorites” might carry a big deal of importance, surprises and upsets are always waiting to happen. With this said, we bring you our picks of our two favorite sleeper teams that can surprise all fans and experts with a deep UCL run this season.

Atlético de Madrid

Spanish “La Liga” champions Atletico de Madrid are once again in a position of both strength and uncertainty when it comes to the UEFA Champions League. For years now, the team managed by Diego Simeone has been a constant fixture in the final stages of the UCL tournaments with heartbreak ultimately catching up to them before any significant triumphs are obtained. This year though, the spirits around Madrid’s other football team are running higher than ever.

With the signing of French goalkeeper Benjamin Lecomte to play as backup to star saver Jan Oblak, Argentinian midfielder Rodrigo De Paul, as well as Brazilian striker Matheus Cunha, the team looked to be heading in the right direction of where “El Cholo” wanted to take them. But it wasn’t until one of the biggest surprises of the summer transfer market happened, which happened on the deadline of the market, when Antoine Griezmann, former Atletico de Madrid star, who left Madrid to play for Barcelona once again returned to the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium to try and relive the best moments of his career, donning the Atletico jersey once again.

This automatically boosted Atlético de Madrid’s odds not just in the Spanish title race but in the UCL favorites lists, especially when taking into account what an attacking pairing of Luis Suarez and Griezmann could do if in full form. If Atletico de Madrid is able to piece this team together in the best way possible, finding a proper way to balance Simeone’s ultra-defensive schemes and the newly acquired attacking powers the team has, not only will they end up snatching one of the qualifying spots in their cutthroat group, that has them playing against Portuguese team Porto, Italian giants AC Milan and English titans Liverpool, this team could end up becoming a serious threat down the line as title aspirations seriously come into play.

Manchester United

GDANSK, POLAND – MAY 26: Paul Pogba of Manchester United competes for a header during the UEFA Europa League Final between Villarreal CF and Manchester United at Gdansk Arena on May 26, 2021 in Gdansk, Poland. (Photo by Boris Streubel – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

PSG fans were hoping that Messi’s arrival in Paris would have the same effect as CR7’s return to Manchester, but boy were they in for something completely different. While Messi is still trying to find his form in France, CR7 came back home to Manchester United swinging and going at all speeds, automatically making United a threat to any team standing in their way once again. Ronaldo looks like he has not skipped a beat whatsoever and is ready to lead United back to the title adorned promised land that the team has been missing out on for what seems like an eternity now.

Add to that the effect that the signings of players like French defender Raphael Varane and English youth star striker Jadon Sancho have brought to the team and you can see why the hype around United is real. Manchester United were able to put together a team that does not only look as fit as ever to take the EPL title once again, but also to remind everyone around why the UCL tournament needs teams like theirs to be in top competing shape. While their start in the tournament saw them taking a fall in Switzerland against Young Boys, it shouldn’t take long for CR7 and United to bounce back, take command of the group and make their way into the elimination rounds, where surely no team will want to face them head to head.

30, Sep 2021
Players Exodus Hits Relegated FC Ifeanyi Ubah

Massive drift of players to greener pastures has swept through the fold FC Ifeanyi Ubah following the Anambra Warriors’ relegation to the second tier domestic league, Nigeria National League (NNL) at the close of the 2020/2021 NPFL season, Completesports reports.

The 2016 Federation Cup (Aiteo Cup) winners have been invaded by some NPFL clubs who have found the Nnewi side a veritable source for recruitment of players.

Virtually all the FC Ifeanyi Ubah’s first team players have been snapped up by top NPFL clubs.

At the, last count, no fewer than eight first team players have completed their transfers, with six others closing in on their departures from the Capital Oil and Gas club.

Nigeria champions, Akwa United, set the ball rolling with the signing of Evans Ebonda for their 2021/2022 CAF Champions League and domestic campaigns.

Rivers United, also featuring in the 2021/2022 CAF Champions League followed suit with the signing of goalkeeper Shaarp Uzoigwe and Seidu Adamu.

Nigeria’s most successful and decorated club, Enyimba, became the next career destination for the duo of midfielder Ekene Awazie and Abel James.

The People’s Elephant will represent Nigeria in the CAF second tier interclub competition, CAF Confederation Cup, alongside Bayelsa United who won the Aiteo Cup this year.

Plateau United signed the pair of Eric Oguche and Emmanuel Ocheogu just as Heartland FC welcomed midfielder Nonso Nzediegwu.

“These players’ moves are already a done deals”, an official of FC Ifeanyi Ubah exclusively told Completesports.com.

“There are also six others who are at various stages of completing their transfers.

“I won’t disclose their potential new clubs untill they finalise things, but I can assure you that the likes of Patrick Egeonu, Christian Molokwu, John Tsekwa, Toochukwu, Anueyiagu and Samuel Matthew are in talks with other NPFL clubs.

“The way our players are being courted by other clubs despite our relegation tells the quality they have and level of work that our coaches did last season, meaning that our relegation wasn’t as a result of poor technical input,” the official stressed.